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Customized Solutions Built for You

Whether it’s one package or a mixture of packages, we will find the best fit for your needs.


Medicaid Compliant Package

If a house is not sold in a Medicaid compliant way, you could end up with long penalty periods assessed by the state. Even if you don’t need Medicaid now, it could still affect you if you need it in the next five years. If you are currently on Medicaid, it is imperative that you don’t lost benefits. We help you sell your house and keep your benefits. Contact us for more details.

Foreclosure Prevention

Are you facing a foreclosure? We can help. By protecting what equity may still be there as quickly as possible, we put you back in control of the process. Our system is designed to be quick, efficient, and as simple as possible for you.

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Reverse Mortgage Salvage

In a reverse mortgage? You have more options than you think. Let us do an assessment to lay out what options you still have. Our experts will help you every step of the way.
Did you know…You are not stuck?

There may still be equity in the house we can help access without you needing to do any repairs to the house or to pay off the reverse mortgage?

Senior Transition Special

Built for the senior transitioning into a different living arrangement, this package pulls together all the experts needed to help them maximize their future space and minimize the difficulty in downsizing. Our families find our concierge service to be exactly what they need in what can be a difficult time.

We can help you get assistance in the areas of arranging.

  • Estate sale
  • Movers
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Memory care facilities
  • Insurance
  • Home help
  • Safety assistance
  • Decluttering
  • Downsizing
  • and much more

We help you manage the entire process, free of charge, to help you have a smooth move.

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Quick Land Exit

For families needing to meet Medicaid eligibility or who need to liquidate land quickly, this package is for you. We have options in place to help you sell your land quickly and efficiently.

Problem   Can we help?
I have land that I’m worried about going through probate.   Yes
I need cash from a land sale quickly.   Yes
I’d like to list my land for sale and get the most I can for it.   Yes
Owning my land is keeping me from getting state assistance.   Yes
I’d like to find an investor for my land so I can sell it quickly.   Yes

Liquidation Assistance Package

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be overwhelming. Let us handle the details of liquidating, cleaning, and sorting the contents of your loved ones home. From document preservation, to estate sales, to haul off services, our team will work with you to handle the final tasks. We gather the experts needed to organize this transition in order to ease the stress of this time.

We understand that this life changing event can leave a family not knowing what to do next. Our team is ready to get you connected with experts who will help you navigate this transition time. As part of this package, we will conduct a home assessment to lay out your options on selling your home and a plan of action for any other unique needs you may have. We can help take the pressure off the family by planning estate sales, finding an investor to purchase the property fast, organizing a move, and much more. We will be alongside you every step of the way to ensure you are taken care of.


Auction Spotlight

Have a home that needs to be sold quickly, or one that is in a hot market? Whether it is speed you need or just to find the buyer willing to pay the most, our Live Auction can allow you to sell your house with MLS exposure as quickly as possible for the highest the market will bear. Contact us for more information.


We’ve brought together a team of experts to take the stress
out of selling your home. Our team includes:

Pre-Move Consultations <br /><br />

Pre-Move Consultations

Sorting, Moving & Selling Of Personal / Extra Items

Sorting, Moving & Selling Of Personal / Extra Items

Coordination Of Movers, Liquidators & Contractors

Coordination Of Movers, Liquidators & Contractors

Collaboration With Long-Term Care

Collaboration With Long-Term Care

Staging & Selling Properties

Staging & Selling Properties

Medicaid Compliance

Medicaid Compliance